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The Mysteries of Life - Released June 2012

Tony O'Leary - The Mysteries of Life This CD is dedicated to all the folks in the 21st century who respect and revere nature, for without them future generations wouldn't have any wilderness left. Also to those folks who never understood what nature and it's great force is all about? The best way to answer this question is a sense of connection and involvement. The Ancient First Nations people summarized it best in this old saying "The farther a person's feet are removed from the earth the less respect they have for living and growing things." This saying might be old however it is just as applicable in the 21st century as it was thousands of years ago. May the lessons and teachings of the Ancient First Nations Elders be instilled in future generations. Let's do it for our children. Yours in conservation Tony O'Leary

Song List

  • The Long Range Mountains Beckon Me
  • Rock Stompin Girl from the Bay
  • Cliffty Pond Medley
  • What are ya Doing to me Bog Boy's?
  • My Little Armalite
  • The Lark in the Morning
  • Babbling Brook
  • The Boys Come Rolling Home
  • Man of Our Times
  • Drunken Sailor Hornpipe
  • What do ya do with a Hairy Arsed Bayman?
  • I got a lot a Girl Friends
  • The Orphan/Cuttin Boughs
  • This Old Town

Tony O'Leary Rock's the Rock - Released June 2009

Tony O'LearyCeltic Folk Rock featuring some of the finest musicians in eastern Canada. Celtic based with accordion, fiddle and drums driving the beat. Enthusiasm and verve is the best way to describe this CD. Check out the rave reviews on my web site.

Song List

  • Be A Man Me Lad
  • Mick McGuire/Napolean Crossing The Rhine
  • Travelin Newfoundlander| Lyrics
  • Micky Dam
  • The Little Begger Man
  • We're Walkin On The Tight Rope of Hell
  • Whiskey In The Jar
  • Right All Right
  • Drunkin Sailor
  • Ramblin Rover/Amy's Waltz

Pump the Box - Released St. Patrick's Day 2007

"Music, Songs, Words and Tunes"

Tony O'Leary
Welcome aboard Tony's kitchen party .Featuring as guest on the cd ,some of east coast Canada's best musicians.Ian Chipman, Jerry Strong, Mike Doyle, Glen Hiscock and Rob Brown. All musicians currently play with different bands. Such as The Fables, The Irish Descendents etc. Also this CD marks the first time locally made Irish pipes have appeared on a local Newfoundland CD. The pipes were played by Rob Brown and made by Neil O'Grady of Carbonear which also makes this CD a history maker.With such a great lineup of musicians, you cannot afford to miss this kitchen party. It's a party in a box!!!!

The CD is dedicated to all the transient workers both past and present who travelled many miles to earn a living for their families. It just ain't easy. Also, to all the folks I have had the fortune and misfortune to meet...

Special thanks to: Ian Chipman, Jerry Strong, Mike Doyle, Glen Hiscock and Rob Brown for their wonderful contributions in making this CD possible.

Where to buy..

Sunrise Records Avalon Mall St. John's

O'Briens Music, St.John's

Freds Music, St.John's

Song List

  • Far Away in Australia | Lyrics
  • Uncle Frank O'Leary's Labrador Tunes
  • Red is the Rose | Lyrics
  • Livin in a Syncrude Eye | Lyrics
  • Cooley's Reel
  • The Flower of the Strabane | Lyrics
  • Smash the Window
  • The Banks of the Lee | Lyrics
  • Black Gold | Lyrics
  • Sitting on a Fort McMurray Bus | Lyrics
  • The Breakout Set

  • All songs and arrangements registered with SOCAN.
    ©2006 Tony O'Leary. All rights Reserved.
    *Song #1 - Traditional: The Happy One Step
    *Song #2 - Kings of Kerry: Written By Sharon Shannon & The Water Boys (Mike Scott & Steve Wickham)
    *Kings of Kerry © Sharon Shannon & The Water Boys (Mike Scott & Steve Wickham)

    Copyright © Tony O'Leary.
    All Rights Reserved.
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