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Tony O'Leary's Previous CDs & Music Samples

The following music clips are approximately one minute in length and reduced in size and sound quality to keep download times as short as possible.

Tony O'Leary Rock's the Rock

Pump The Box

Recieved International Recoginition

  • Far Away in Australia
  • Frank O'Leary's Labrador Tunes
  • Red is the Rose
  • Livin in a Syncrude Eye
  • Cooley's Reel
  • The Flower of the Strabane
  • Smash the Window
  • The Banks of the Lee
  • Black Gold
  • Sitting on a Fort McMurray Bus
  • The Breakout Set

  • Music In The Air

    Co produced Music in the air

    While I was Gone

  • Seaport Town (Cork Horn Pipe Instrumental)

  • Up All Night

    Recieved 6 nominations including "Album of the Year" by MusicNL.
    Played instrumental arrangements.

  • Up All Night (The Morrison's Jig Sample)

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